Get-to-know-the-Contributors: Lissa

As our first issue is now at the printers and we have the Calgary venue for our launch sorted, we figure we should tell you a bit about some of our contributors.

Liss contributor.png

The first contributor we’re featuring is Lissa McFarland–the visual artist who’s helped us since almost the beginning by designing our amazing logo and the cover for antilang. no. 1! 

Lissa hails from Calgary where she spends her Monday-Friday 9-5 with a bunch of lawyers, her weekends working at Starbucks so she can provide Allie with coffee beans once a month, and doing artwork in a variety of mediums in between.

Her visual art has appeared inside and on the cover of Nōd Magazine Issue 21, and her artwork and poetry has appeared in Hooligan Mag. You can checkout more of her work on her Instagram account: @flashlord and at 

She’s so excited about the launch of antilang. she’s been promoting it as happening a week earlier than actually scheduled and is looking forward to meeting the other contributors and supporters of this venture.


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