Get-to-know-the-Contributors: Amy

Our next reader-feature is Amy LeBlanc! She and Allie were in the same novella writing class (fondly dubbed “100 pages in 100 days”) at the University of Calgary a few years ago (last year? Who knows how long ago that was?). Amy’s insightful critiques and editing skills served her well in the class and she carries these skills forward as the fearless Editor-in-Chief at NōD Magazine (a position she has held for some years). A talented writer, Amy has both fiction and poetry upcoming in antilang.

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Amy LeBlanc holds a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing (hons) from the University of Calgary. Her work has appeared in Prairie Fire, (Parenthetical), Untethered, and Canthius among others, and she received second place in the 2016 Blodwyn Memorial Prise for fiction. Amy also has work forthcoming in Contemporary Verse 2, Filling Stations, and The Antagonish Review. Her chapbook “Collective Nouns for Birds” was published by Loft on Eighth Press in December. (And because she’s so busy, this is an updated version of her bio from what will appear in our print issue).

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