Get-to-Know-the-Readers: Erin

Erin Emily Ann Vance survived a different creative writing class with Allie–the full year advanced poetry workshop hosted by Christian Bök. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including CV2 and filling Station #68. (By numerous, we mean almost infinite–her list is so long we had to trim it down to fit the confines of our mandate for concision.) Erin was a 2017 recipient of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Young Artist Prize and a 2018 Finalist for the Alberta Magazine Awards in Fiction. She studies English literature and creative writing at the graduate level at the University of Calgary. 

Visceral and tender, Erin’s work explores notions of femininity–expectations and realities–and the revulsion inside beauty. She also writes about bees and milk and rabbits and birds. Think pastoral, but immediate (not a long-lost place but present).

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