Thank you, Calgary!

We spent all of last night feeling loved and sharing that love.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Shelf Life Books in support of our inaugural issue launch yesterday! We honestly could never have realized this dream without all of our amazing contributors and the generous support from Calgary’s incredible writing community. Thank you to our readers, who serenaded us with everything from landlord erotics, to the dynamics of a poly-amorous chicken coup, to love letters to the constellation Orion (they say Canadian writing is either boring, depressing, or about sex; we know which camp we fall into).

A special shout-out to our non-writerly friends and family who encourage and support us despite our apparent madness. We spent all of last night feeling loved and sharing that love on social media — there were so many wonderful tweets, posts and pics flying around! Thank you to everyone sending positive vibes from afar; we can’t wait to share the open access digital version of the magazine with you!

Much love to everyone involved,

-Allie & Jordan

PS: you’re next, Saskatoon, get hyped!

A great shot of some of the amazing people who came out in support of antilang. Photo taken by Paul Meunier

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