Get-to-Know-the-Readers: Jaclyn

Jaclyn Morken is solidly Saskatchewan. While other Saskatoon-based contributors hail from outside the province or frequently leave for other places (mostly Calgary, interestingly enough) Jaclyn is born and raised just outside of Saskatoon, attended the University of Saskatchewan for a BA in English (hons), and is still there for her MFA in Writing (where she met Allie). As you can tell from her two flash-fictions in antilang., “Nowhere” and “Hidden,” Jaclyn writes fantasy and speculative fiction.

Jaclyn blog real.jpg

The youngest of the first-year MFAs, Jaclyn is somewhere between excited and nervous about the antilang. launch, as it will be her first public reading! We love the support of our established writers, and we’re so happy when we can pay that support forward by supporting newly emerging writers both in print and person! Come help us support Jaclyn at our launch on Thursday!

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