Get-to-Know-the-Readers: Nicole

Nicole Haldoupis is the co-creator and editor of untethered (checkout the website:, editor of Grain, and on the editorial board for JackPine Press. Allie met Nicole over drinks in September where they got talking about lit mags (because obviously). Nicole is a huge reason antilang. got started as fast as it did because she encouraged Allie to forget about practicalities and just go for it (the work didn’t seem too monumental after several $4 long island iced teas). (Jordan had already been pushing to get started as the ideas behind antilang. had been in the works for a while.)

Thank you, Nicole, for supporting us to get this thing off the ground!

Nicole’s work can be found in a few Canadian journals and anthologies, most recently in The Feathertale Review (for a longer list, check out the MFA awards and publications page: where Nicole’s successes are listed alongside those of other MFA Writing grads).

Nicole blog.jpg

The photo of Nicole shown here was taken by Geoff Pevlin (another contributor we’ll be featuring later this week!)

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