Get-to-Know-the-Readers: Taidgh

Taidgh Lynch hails from the Southwest of Ireland and tells Canadians to pronounce his name “like ‘tiger’ without the ‘-er’.” He claims to be the only poet in the MFA first-year cohort, but we have no evidence of this as he’s been forced to write fiction and creative non-fiction and has two pieces of fiction in antilang., “The Knock” and “Collecting a Coffin.” Actually, come to think of it, Taidgh read at The River Volta Reading Series a few months back, and he did read some poetry there. You can find Taidgh’s work in Bare Hands Poetry, The Ofi PRess, Boyne Berries, and The Poetry Bus (more evidence to support his assertion of being a poet).

taidgh blog.jpg

Besides being a poet recently sentenced to the structure of sentences, Taidgh dabbles in photography and advocates for the fair treatment and de-stereotyping of pet rats (which he says get a bad reputation from films).

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