Preview: Marc Lynch’s “I”

25,000 years through asteroid belts, blitzes of icy bodies, and whirling particle disks

Now that the first issue of antilang. is online, we hope people have had a chance to check it out. But we know that even the best intentions can get brushed aside by everyday busyness. That’s why, for the rest of April (until we open for submissions on May 1st) we will be posting previews of some of the pieces from the first issue. We’ll only be posting parts of stories or poems, so that hopefully you can read the beginning of a piece, like it, then finish it in the issue (and maybe keep reading?).

The first preview we have for you is “I” (as in roman-numeral 1, not a self-identifier) by Marc Lynch. The rest of this piece can be found on page 30 (check it out, there’s a neat spec-fic twist) and the numerically-advanced follow-ups “IX” and “XIII” can be found on pages 48 and 86, respectively.

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