Last Chance for Issue 1 & Patreon Update

Hello! As you know, we are ramping up for the launches of antilang. no. 2 and soundbite no.1 with previews running for both publications until and after the launch (September 5th!). So, we thought we should remind you of our Patreon offers that expires on September 5th…

  1. If you support us for $2/ month (before antilang. no. 2 launches), then we will send you a high-resolution PDF of our first issue that you can read off-line
  2. If you support us for $5/month or more (before September 5th), then we will mail you a hard-copy of antilang. no. 1

If you want to get your hands on one of our first printed copies, or would just like to read us anywhere you go, please support us! Your monthly donations mean the world to us!

antilang image.PNG

Additionally, we did not realise that Patreon charges in American dollars. Which means that when we say $2/ month, turns out it’s actually more like $2.50/ month. To make this better for all our current (and future) Patrons, we have decided to include soundbite files as part of the perks. Meaning, if you donate $2 (USD)/ month (or more!), you will now get access to downloadable soundbite readings–the individuals ones posted as previews, and the entire issue when it launches September 5th!

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