antilang. Preview: K.S.A. Brazier-Tompkins’ “Glass”

We promised you a deluge, a veritable inundation of previews for antilang., and we promised you bird poems to match the cover, so here’s the first one!Shakti

K.S.A. is one of a few antilang. two-timers: someone who contributed to our inaugural issue and is back for round two. She was born in northwestern Ontario, but spent much of her youth in New Brunswick and has, for many years now, made her home on the Saskatchewan prairies. She received her Ph.D. in English from the University of Saskatchewan and has published articles, novels, short stories, and poetry. She claims that brevity is not her strength, but this perfectly pithy poem from antilang. no. 2 proves otherwise! She has two other poems appearing in the forthcoming issue, and you can find more of her work in our inaugural release.

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