Jan/Feb Flash Contest Reveal

Raise your hand if January came out of nowhere and left just as quick! With our online launch of antilang. no. 3 and soundbite vol. 2 and our upcoming hard-copy launch, we were super busy (and we know all of you were too) so we decided that instead of a new contest for February, we extended our January contest.

To kick off the new year, our Patreon supporters were asked to imagine an apocalypse and then write what happens next (in keeping with our theme of ‘succinct speculations‘ for antilang. no. 4—submissions open now!).

Stay tuned for the winning entries and use these as inspirations for your own succinct speculations—we’d love to consider them for our issue! Your apocalypse can be anything from zombies to bio-warfare to nukes to aliens. But, whatever you pick, try to make it fresh—there are a lot of post-apocalyptic books / movies / TV shows nowadays, and we want to read something different!

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