antilang. no. 4 Coming Soon!

Hello Friends! As you know, we’ve been busy putting together antilang. no. 4: Succinct Speculations with our guest editors Jaclyn and Simon. So far, we have sent out all our acceptances (along with suggested edits) and have finalised almost all of them!

To get you as excited about this issue as we are, we thought we’d let you know about the themes / topics you can look forward to reading. Get ready to read about clones, mermen, aliens, robots, space travel, cultists and more!

First, we have the fabulist pieces–everything weird and quirky and just a little magical. Next, the issue progresses into dreamscapes, nightmares included. The dreams give way to cyberpunk settings which transform into scientific descriptions of other worlds (or future versions of our world). Finally, the issue ends on the politically-charged speculative works as a nice lead in for antilang. no. 5: Pithy Politics (opening for submissions June 1st).


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