Guest Editor Reveal: Kaitlyn Purcell

My name is Kaitlyn Purcell and I am a member of Smith’s Landing First Nation. My mother is Dene from Fort Smith, and my father is Irish-Canadian from Ottawa. They raised me and my three sisters in Edmonton. I have been studying English, Indigenous literature, and creative writing for the last eight years. I received numerous awards for my creative work over the years, but most recently I won the 2018 Metatron Book Prize for my manuscript, ʔbédayine. I am a writer who first started with poetry before exploring writing creative non-fiction and fiction. I’ve spent some time experimenting with melding these different genres together. I’m also an artist who likes to bring in visual art into my work. Fun fact: sometimes I fantasize about dropping out from my PhD in English here at the University of Calgary to go to art school.

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In politics, popular opinion isn’t always practical when we live in a world corrupted by capitalism and colonization. Like the changing seasons, politics are in flux. Currently, we live in a state where human rights and lives exist on the fringes of societal values. We have a history of politics that looks for shortcuts rather than constructive solutions to societal problems of economic downturns, poverty, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. I am looking for writing that explores these problems. I am looking for the voices and stories that need to be heard during these difficult times. I would love to see people in rural communities submit, as well as those who are confined to the core of our cities. I am open to reading collaborative writing and experimental work that explores these issues.

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