Get to Know the Editors: Igpy’s “My Village”

Guest editor Igpy Kin‘s work was recently featured on beer boxes from Village Brewery in collaboration with the wonderful folks at Loft 112. Check out Igpy’s shot of the box and read their full story below:


My Village

My village is scattered across continents, reunited assembled only in part dispersed in spurts holidays; late nights; early morning Skype sessions; Hong Kong heat waves; Boston cupcakes at punk rock birthday parties; my village plummets down Brooklyn stairs bottom-first; my village parties in Kensington kitchens; sings its throat raw at jam sessions in the basement; sleeps on mattresses on the floor; piggybacks along the Bow; walks barefoot through Eau Claire; meanders through world-class libraries; stumbles through Stampedes; wins glitter at the Rocky Horror Picture Show; we eat bananas from between our friends’ breasts faster than the rest. My village is writers and musicians and dancers and rabble-rousers, activists and academics and artists and the odd degenerate banker. We wander freely; we write widely; we live wildly; we leave our hearts in pieces across continents, in midnight convenience store raids, in East Village detritus, but we always come home. My village speaks loud. My village accepts everyone; my village fights so everyone can find a home; my village has no vacancy for tenants whose tenets would leave anyone feeling less-than. My village wears shorts on 5 Chinook days. My village doesn’t litter. My village values the shelter of a solid tree. My village is global. My village takes care of its own and others. My village knows no borders. Find a friend for a day at a festival; find a friend for life on the dance floor. My village says please and thank you. My village doesn’t speed in residential zones. My village makes art. My village makes art matter. My village has feral cats in sheds and coyotes on the hill behind the house. My village has claustrophobic one-rooms overlooking the late-night chorus of Stephen Avenue. My village loves fiercely and lives fearlessly. My village believes it can do better, be better. My village recycles its empties.

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