antilang. no. 5 Cover Reveal!

We’re so excited to reveal the cover of antilang. no. 5 – Pithy Politics by Sarah McClelland, selected and designed by Art Director Lissa McFarland!

Artist’s Statement:

The cover art was inspired by an image of my mother in regalia at a powwow. I was reminded of the red shawl she made in honour of the missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada, which influenced me to make this piece. Activism and progress in our country must be made in a pithy fashion. Concise and impactful statements carry enough weight to make change and leave an impression. It’s this idea that I hope to convey to the viewer, presented in a minimalist but purposeful piece.

Art Director’s Statement:

I strive to find work that not only conveys the theme of each issue, but encapsulates our mandate and core values. Sarah’s piece encompasses all of the above on a conceptual level as well as a visual one. The image is beautifully drawn, concise, and evocative. The clean white lines are striking on the black background, and the inclusion of red drafting lines give the work a sense of dynamism. The incredibly real and disturbing issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women has been largely ignored by Canada’s government and its citizens alike. This crisis demands a much larger conversation, and I hope that this cover image can help spark smaller conversations, especially as the federal election approaches.



Sarah McClelland is a self-taught artist from St. Albert, Alberta in her last year of high school. Creating images inspired by science and STEM careers guides most of her pieces. She enjoys printmaking among other mediums, as well as experimenting with First Nations art techniques and imagery. Sarah hopes to continue to explore different mediums and concepts in her future work.

Lissa McFarland is a (mostly) visual artists from Calgary. Her work has been published in NōD Magazine, Hooligan Mag, and antilang. She’s a lesbian, intersectional feminist, sandwich connoisseur, and Naruto enthusiast.

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