soundbite vol. 4 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! We know you’re all eager to read the latest in our trio of themed antilang. issues—Abrupt Environments—but it’s been even longer since you’ve had the chance to hear from us. So, we are very excited to present the long-await 4th volume of soundbite!

This volume has everything we love about orality and performance. It opens with an erasure poem—normally a very visual form—by Jennifer Leigh Paccione, who uses background noise to simulate the erasure on an audio level. We then hear a short story written by Fiona McCormack and read by west end stage and screen actor Fiona Mulvaney, who brings a new level of authenticity to the narrator’s voice. This longer piece is followed by a pair of poems by William T Blackburn and a trio of poems by Josephine Pino, all of which highlight the differences between structure and delivery, visuals and voicing. We then move into another multi-media piece: verse written and performed by Bob MacKenzie with guitar accompaniment by Rob Watson. The volume closes with a micro-novel written in verse by Melinda Jane – The Poet mj, who lent a similar creation to antilang. no. 2.

This is our longest volume of soundbite to date and we hope it was worth the wait!

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