antilang. no. 6 Cover Reveal!

We are so excited to reveal the cover for antilang. no. 6 – Abrupt Environments! The issue, which we hope to launch by the end of the month, features a double-exposed photograph by Victoria Braun.

Victoria shared some insight into her creative process as well as the story behind this particular piece:

I approach photography through the lens of a drawing student; I can “draw” with light, lines, shadows, and shapes. I work primarily with film because of the many ways to experiment—my favourites being double exposures while shooting and layering negatives while printing. Working in the darkroom allows me to use traditional techniques while having the artistic freedom to alter my images by hand in a tactile process. This particular image is a double exposure; an interplay of contrast between intricate organic branches, the industrial chain, and intrusive bands of light that act both as an eraser and highlighter on the line quality of the tree.

Victoria Braun is an artist and photographer working primarily with 35mm film. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction from Alberta University of the Arts in 2015. She continues to develop her artistic practice using traditional and alternative darkroom photography techniques in Calgary, Alberta. You can find her work on Instagram: @victoriabraunphotography.

Stay tuned for more news and previews as we gear up to launch the third themed issue of antilang. magazine!

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