Editor’s Reflection: Jesse Holth on Abrupt Environments

As each of the 3 themed issues that will appear in this print anthology featured guest editors, we thought it would be insightful to have their share their thoughts on the process of team editing, on The ALP’s publishing philosophies, and on their favorite parts of the issues they helped curate.

So in that spirit, here are Jesse Holth’s reflections on antilang. no. 6 – Abrupt Environments:

“I loved being the Guest Editor for “Abrupt Environments” – one of the most interesting parts of editing is the element of surprise. Not just within the piece itself, although that too can be wonderful, but in the style, content, and form of submissions. I was delighted to find that many writers connected to the theme on levels I hadn’t even considered. Some editors dislike reading through tons of submissions, or call it a slog, but I truly enjoy it. Polishing pieces that aren’t quite ready but have a very strong voice can also be extremely rewarding. It’s hard to pick a favourite piece from the issue, but I especially loved “Fungus Cream” by David Groulx. This was one of the poems that most surprised me – I went into it with expectations that were completely blown apart. I love the coarseness and raw emotion of this poem, and the way it builds speed and rhythm to reach the final, sudden stop at the end. I remember thinking “woah…” – it’s quite a journey in such a small space and with so few words. I really appreciated working with Allie and Jordan to build a coherent issue – a lot of literary magazines say they care about supporting young, new, or emerging writers and don’t actually follow through. That’s not the case at antilang. They are committed to treating every piece with care, providing valuable feedback, and working with writers to make the words shine.”
~Jesse Holth

Jesse’s pick for her favourite piece opens the issue:

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