On Kickstarter: One Week Left!

Hello antilangers! This is it‒the final push for our Kickstarter. We apologise for not updating as regularly about our progress, but have you heard what’s happening around the world? With COVID-19 impacting us all, especially with new-found financial hardships, we hate having to ask for your donations. In a perfect world, we would all have universal basic income (or guaranteed basic income), arts initiatives would be fully funded, and everyone would have more time to enjoy their passions and hobbies. We aren’t there yet‒but we can dream that this pandemic shows the world that we need to re-evaluate how we structure our (Western) society.

Already we are seeing bookstores and publishers offering free (or reduced) delivery charges and discounts on books, as well as free or heavily discounted ebooks to help us get through this trying time. This is amazing‒thank you, to those people who are helping make literature more accessible. At The ALP, we have always been about accessibility, meaning all of our publications (from both antilang. and soundbite) are freely available online through our website, Issu, or YouTube.

antilang.’s annual anthology is the only publication we charge for (and the contents is the exact same as the online versions of the magazines, but all together). Our Kickstarter is to raise funds to print this latest anthology, as our anthology is the primary way we pay contributors. soundbite contributors are paid $20 CAD, while antilang. contributors are given the option of $20 CAD or a copy of the print anthology. Because while we believe in sharing writing for free, we also believe in paying artists.

Other than paying contributors with a hard copy anthology, we sell some copies in locally owned bookstores‒in the past, this has made us very little money (we are a not-for-profit, after all), but it has attracted new readers and contributors who might not have stumbled across The ALP online. Continuing to print our annual anthology is a small but crucial step in growing our project and publishing more and more voices.

We know times are tough, but if you can, please please donate to our Kickstarter to help support writers. Thank you, and stay healthy out there!

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