On Kickstarter: We Made It!

This last month has been a whirlwind for just about everyone on the planet. In addition to dealing with the pandemic, changes to work situations, and social distancing, we at The ALP spent March running our first Kickstarter campaign. And we are thrilled to announce that because of our generous community that shared our posts and donated, we have met our goal!

kickstarter success

We set out to raise $1500 CAD to pay for the costs of printing antilang.’s annual anthology (a collection of our 3 themed issues, no. 4-6). These hard copies bring The ALP’s efforts from the digital realm into the physical and are payment for many contributors (we give contributors the choice of $20 or a copy of our annual anthology). We also stock our print copies in independently owned bookstores in Western Canada and sell copies on our digital store.

We beat our goal and raised $1716 CAD! Which means we can go forward with printing our books and sending them out into the world. Thank you all so much—we are floored by the support we have received in these tough times. You are amazing!

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