antilang. no. 9 – Labour – open for submissions!

Our next issue of antilang. magazine is themed around Labour and will be edited with special guest Anahita Jamali Rad. Here are Jamali Rad’s thoughts on the theme and what they’re looking for in submissions:

In this late capitalist moment, labour is driven and defined by algorithmic time, a production cycle of clicks, likes, and subscribes. We engage in so-called immaterial labour, moving through immaterial landscapes, while our physical movements, desires, and drives are made into statistical data, which are in turn mined and sold, making their extraction increasingly more valuable. Although we’re not directly compensated for this labour, we are rewarded with ‘knowledge’ of ourselves with personalized and/or ‘free’ applications that track our daily lives.

Simultaneously, the material labour that produces the material commodities we use for these applications, and the labour that makes the commodities we buy in our onlines lives, become increasingly invisible and increasingly devalued. Driven by the algorithmic demand for the easily consumable, easily disposable, the material loses its conceptual permanence. As those of us in the Global North live increasingly digital lives, material commodities are a click away, just shifting integers.

How can we draw the lines from one form of labour to the other? Where are the spaces in language where these forms of labour collide? How do we make visible the connections and contradictions of labour, where the shackles of one forms and necessitates the shackles of the other?

For this issue, I’m looking for text that interrogates, mucks up, or becomes entangled in the multiplicity of labour: the paid, unpaid, and underpaid; in offices, factories, bedrooms, prisons, kitchens, shops, hotels, airports, and classrooms; on sidewalks, roads, and rooftops. I’m looking for juxtaposition, simultaneous narrative, [a]synchronous value-making, material micro-histories, and text that delves into the contradictions within the contradictions of capitalist society.

We are open for submissions until Jan. 31st, 2021. You can read our guidelines and submit your Good Short Writing via Submittable.

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