Get to Know the Editors: Jordan Bolay’s “Leaving Ajawan”

On the edge of SpecFic, somewhere between historiographic metafiction and realist fabulism (because we all need more ridiculous sub-genre names), is Jordan's short story "Leaving Ajawan," which mythologizes the final days of Archibald "Grey Owl" Belaney's life in an attempt to dispel the persona the 'pilgrim' put on. Follow the link by clicking the image… Continue reading Get to Know the Editors: Jordan Bolay’s “Leaving Ajawan”

Reader Spotlight: Michaela Stephen

Michaela Stephen is a writer, events coordinator, and ESL instructor. She recently completed her Master of Arts in English Literature at the University of Calgary in 2017. Her fiction and poetry have previously been published by antilang., Awkward Mermaid magazine, and The Impressment Gang. She lives in Calgary with her cat Banana Loaf. Last year,… Continue reading Reader Spotlight: Michaela Stephen

Reader Spotlight: Paul Meunier

Paul Meunier is an English PhD student at the University of Calgary, studying experimental poetry. Paul also has a photography background, and he explores relationships between visual art, poetry, and subject representation. Listen to Paul's robot-sex poem "Ionize" in soundbite vol. 2, then come to Shelf Life Books tonight to hear him read new work! @polywog81

Reader Spotlight: Taylor Skaalrud

Taylor Skaalrud has no official creative credentials; virtually incapable of formality, he regularly substitutes snark in its place. He’ll have you know that passively submitting one’s bio is likely to have it eaten by zombies. Taylor's bio is co-authored by his decade's worth of friendship with the co-founding editors. Come out and hear his story… Continue reading Reader Spotlight: Taylor Skaalrud

Reader Spotlight: Tasnuva Hayden

Tasnuva Hayden is an emerging Canadian writer of Bengali descent, residing in Calgary. She studied creative writing linguistics, and engineering at the University of Calgary. Her creative writing has appeared in NōD Magazine, J’aipur Journal, chapbooks, and anthologies. Tasnuva previously worked with Jordan as a collective reader before taking over as the Fiction Editor at… Continue reading Reader Spotlight: Tasnuva Hayden

Reader Spotlight: Amy LeBlanc

Amy LeBlanc is the author of two chapbooks, most recently Ladybird, Ladybird (Anstruther Press 2018). Her debut book of poetry, I know something you don't know, is forthcoming in Spring 2020 with Gordon Hill Press. Her work has also appeared in Room, The Puritan, and Prairie Fire, along with many others. Amy is the current Non-Fiction Editor… Continue reading Reader Spotlight: Amy LeBlanc