Reader Spotlight: Shannon McConnell

Shannon McConnell is a writer, teacher and musician originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2017, she completed her MFA in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan. Her work has appeared in various literary magazines across Canada. When it's this cold outside, who doesn't love complaining about the weather? Come by McNally Robinson Bookseller's TODAY at… Continue reading Reader Spotlight: Shannon McConnell

Reader Spotlight – K.S.A Brazier-Tompkins

K.S.A. Brazier-Tompkins hails from north-western Ontario, but spent much of her youth in New Brunswick. She received a Ph.D. in English from the University of Saskatchewan. Her published work includes articles, novels, short stories, and poetry. Brevity is not her strength, but she approaches it most closely through poetry. She's the first of our readers… Continue reading Reader Spotlight – K.S.A Brazier-Tompkins

Get-to-Know-the-Readers: Geoff

Some definitions you need to know before you read Geoff Pevlin's work in antilang.: broad: (adj.) of speech, markedly dialectical cuffer: (noun) a tale or yarn; a friendy chat; an exchange of reminiscences cramp-hand: (adj.) of a person, difficult to understand, amazing, because of clever or humorous speech Geoff Pevlin hails from the mauzy shores… Continue reading Get-to-Know-the-Readers: Geoff