December Flash Contest Reveal

Yesterday was 2018, today it's a whole new year, and our December flash contest asked participants to imagine what happens when something that was illegal or prohibited suddenly becomes available. Our two winners, Taylor Skaalrud and Erin Vance, took this prompt in very different directions, though both centred their pieces around the holidays. Erin's political… Continue reading December Flash Contest Reveal

August Flash Contest Winner: Erin Vance!

Hello! About a month ago we started our monthly writing contests for our donors on Patreon and promised to post our top 3 picks on our blog--we only have 1 contest entry for this month, but it's really good. The first contest has closed and the second is launching later today (bonus round: if you… Continue reading August Flash Contest Winner: Erin Vance!

Last Chance for Issue 1 & Patreon Update

Hello! As you know, we are ramping up for the launches of antilang. no. 2 and soundbite no.1 with previews running for both publications until and after the launch (September 5th!). So, we thought we should remind you of our Patreon offers that expires on September 5th... If you support us for $2/ month (before… Continue reading Last Chance for Issue 1 & Patreon Update

Patreon: Step-by-Step

Hello! As you probably already know, we are accepting donations via Patreon in the hope to pay our contributors (soon). But, you might ask, what is Patreon? Simply put, it is a website that connects artists and art projects to patrons (think England circa the Renaissance but online, and instead of one wealthy person supporting… Continue reading Patreon: Step-by-Step