November Flash Reveal

Our editors got caught up watching Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House and couldn’t resist basing the monthly flash writing contest on that show. We gave our Patrons an image of The ALP’s home-base in Saskatoon (a character home over 100 years old!) and asked them to haunt the house.

Our winning submissions include an eerie poem by Taylor Skaalrud and a letter written by a ghost by Fernando! We will be posting these flash pieces on our blog over the next few days, so be sure to check them out!

Do you want to get in on these contests? If so, all you have to do is head over to our Patreon page, sign up to donate $2/ month, and bingo, you will receive immediate access to our contests and early access to our On Editing blog series. The top three flash pieces will be featured as the winners on our blog every month. The donations made on Patreon are collected on the first of every month, so if you sign up to donate anytime during December, you will get immediate access to all the perks, but you won’t be charged until January 1st!

Friday the 13th

Who says Friday the 13th is all bad? We like to think it’s a day to celebrate all things feminine, and our office manager agrees (as a black, tailless cat, he has been associated with witchcraft and is very much against all superstitions).

books cat.jpg

Check out this fun article that details how Friday the 13th has changed from a time of feminine energy into a day of bad luck–it’s a short read and interesting to think about:


Thank You, Saskatoon!

On Thursday we hosted our Saskatoon launch. There were engaging readers, cheesy nachos, and of course a great crowd! Thank you to everyone who came out and to all the contributors of our first issue–we literally could not do it without you!



Head over to our Instagram page to see the pics of our readers and stay tuned for the launch of our online version of antilang.!


Thank you, Calgary!

We spent all of last night feeling loved and sharing that love.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Shelf Life Books in support of our inaugural issue launch yesterday! We honestly could never have realized this dream without all of our amazing contributors and the generous support from Calgary’s incredible writing community. Thank you to our readers, who serenaded us with everything from landlord erotics, to the dynamics of a poly-amorous chicken coup, to love letters to the constellation Orion (they say Canadian writing is either boring, depressing, or about sex; we know which camp we fall into).

A special shout-out to our non-writerly friends and family who encourage and support us despite our apparent madness. We spent all of last night feeling loved and sharing that love on social media — there were so many wonderful tweets, posts and pics flying around! Thank you to everyone sending positive vibes from afar; we can’t wait to share the open access digital version of the magazine with you!

Much love to everyone involved,

-Allie & Jordan

PS: you’re next, Saskatoon, get hyped!

A great shot of some of the amazing people who came out in support of antilang. Photo taken by Paul Meunier