Submissions are currently CLOSED for antilang. no. 6 – Abrupt Environments!

We will re-open for submissions for antilang. no. 7 on March 1st, 2020.

Submission / Publication Schedule

We hope to publish three issues annually:


  • open for submissions: Mar. 1 – May 15
  • publication: June (online)


  • open for submissions: July 1 – Sept. 15
  • publication: Oct. (online)


  • open for submissions: Nov. 1 – Jan. 15
  • publication: Feb. of the following year (online)

antilang.‘s Annual Anthology (print)

  • compilation of Spring, Fall, and Winter issues containing ALL submissions
  • publication: around a month after the Winter issue

Please only submit once per reading period and provide your entire submission at once (i.e., you can put short stories and poems all in the same document); we have a limited submission cap through Submittable and want to read as many people’s work as possible.

Please read our guidelines below.

Please note: as we strive to share work by as many voices as possible, we are limiting contributors to one appearance per collected volume.

International submitters: while we welcome good short writing from anywhere, the current grant application climate requires that the majority of our content be Canadian and therefore priority will be given to those contributors (but please still submit, some of our favorite work in antilang. no 2 was from abroad!).

What we’re looking for:

  • Good. Short. Writing.
  • Any form, any genre, as long as it is brief and of exceptional quality.
  • Writing that draws on, is inspired by, adds to, reinvents, or reimagines traditions of brevity: see Poe, Strunk, and Munro.
  • We look for a diversity of styles and formats that are creative and engaging: poetry, short/flash fiction, creative non-fiction (including, but not limited to: creative essays, ficto-criticism, flash memoir, photo essays), and hybrid/multi-media such as comics, postcard fiction, and collaborations across media.
  • We support diversity in both the form and content of writing, but we do not accept work that is malicious, derogatory, gratuitously violent, homophobic, sexist, racist, or otherwise seeks to dehumanise any person.
  • Our support for and encouragement of diverse points of view and contexts extends into all areas of our magazine, and we prioritise voices that have been systemically silenced or have otherwise gone unheard. That said, we will not place labels of minority groups on any of our contributors (it is not our place to do so), and we ask that if you feel comfortable identifying yourself as an intersectional or oppressed person, to please do so in your cover letter. We will never make any personal information public and will only use personal information to help us ensure our publication is inclusive and to help us conceptualise (if not empathise) with the content of your work (if relevant) while we edit it.
  • As we strongly support all writers—but especially emerging writers—we welcome and encourage simultaneous submissions (because you should have the opportunity to submit your work widely).
  • 12 point Times New Roman, one inch margins.
  • Please double-space all prose.
  • MS Word files (.doc or .docx) only for textual pieces, please. (Please only use PDF for hybrid/multi-media pieces as we want to offer line edits and feedback on your writing.)
  • Maximum SIX (6) pages total, regardless of form, genre, or number of pieces.
  • If sending multiple submissions, combine them into ONE DOCUMENT.
  • In your cover letter, please provide a 30-word (max) bio for yourself. This can be done in any style, and you can see some examples of various bios at the end of antilang. no. 1