October Flash Contest Winner: Erin Vance!

A Half-Life It was the landlord's policy to do an inspection of his property every six months. He had been trying to contact his tenants for several weeks, but his phone calls, emails, and letters went unanswered. The occupants of the other apartments in the building were no help, either. They kept to themselves. One… Continue reading October Flash Contest Winner: Erin Vance!

August Flash Contest Winner: Erin Vance!

Hello! About a month ago we started our monthly writing contests for our donors on Patreon and promised to post our top 3 picks on our blog--we only have 1 contest entry for this month, but it's really good. The first contest has closed and the second is launching later today (bonus round: if you… Continue reading August Flash Contest Winner: Erin Vance!

antilang. Preview: K.S.A. Brazier-Tompkins’ “Glass”

We promised you a deluge, a veritable inundation of previews for antilang., and we promised you bird poems to match the cover, so here's the first one! K.S.A. is one of a few antilang. two-timers: someone who contributed to our inaugural issue and is back for round two. She was born in northwestern Ontario, but… Continue reading antilang. Preview: K.S.A. Brazier-Tompkins’ “Glass”