Guest Editor Reveal: Jesse Holth

Hello, all! My name is Jesse and I’m a writer, editor, and poet living on Lekwungen/Songhees and WSÁNEĆ land. I am so excited to be guest editing this issue of antilang. on Abrupt Environments. I have degrees in English Literature and Anthropology, and you can find my writing in dozens of Canadian and U.S. publications.… Continue reading Guest Editor Reveal: Jesse Holth

“Abrupt Environments” Open for Submissions

The theme for antilang. no. 6 is “Abrupt Environments,” a topic that is particularly salient in recent months, tightly intertwined with our previous issue - Pithy Politics, and universally relevant in the anthropocene. For this issue we look forward to eco-critical submissions, but also submissions that test the boundaries of what constitutes an ‘environment’ (particularly an… Continue reading “Abrupt Environments” Open for Submissions

On Issue 6: Theme Change

Hi Friends! A while back—before we opened for submissions to antilang. no. 4—we announced that our three issues for the year would be themed: “succinct speculations,” “pithy politics,” and “blunt blogs.” While we hyped our next issue in our most recent blog post, we’ve made some changes to its theme. Originally, we had wanted to… Continue reading On Issue 6: Theme Change

On Delays

Hi Friends! We’ve all experienced the frustration and disappointment of following an author throughout a series and waiting for the next installment (looking at you, Goerge R. R. Martin), or even awaiting the next publication of an amazing lit mag. Why can’t the writing come out sooner? Like, it’s just words. On a page. But,… Continue reading On Delays

On Sim-Subs: Why The Anti-Languorous Project Accepts Them and Why You’re Getting Them

Can't wait to sink your teeth into some pithy politics? In anticipation of our next themed issue—set to launch next month!—here's a reprint of a creative non-fiction piece Jordan wrote last year. The text first appeared in filling Station issue 71. Enjoy, and check out our friends at this experimental mag based out of Calgary! “We… Continue reading On Sim-Subs: Why The Anti-Languorous Project Accepts Them and Why You’re Getting Them

Guest Editor Reveal: Igpy Kin

Hello, internet. My name is Igpy and my pronouns are they/them. I am a beleaguered queer rabble- rouser/writer/editor/designer/artist-wrangler born and raised on Treaty 7 territory. As a white settler, I am trying to negotiate writing and living ethically on stolen land while benefiting from an ongoing legacy of genocide. I am, among other roles and… Continue reading Guest Editor Reveal: Igpy Kin

Guest Editor Reveal: Kaitlyn Purcell

My name is Kaitlyn Purcell and I am a member of Smith’s Landing First Nation. My mother is Dene from Fort Smith, and my father is Irish-Canadian from Ottawa. They raised me and my three sisters in Edmonton. I have been studying English, Indigenous literature, and creative writing for the last eight years. I received… Continue reading Guest Editor Reveal: Kaitlyn Purcell

April / May Flash Contest Reveal

Hello! This spring we challenged our Patrons to do a little spring cleaning by dusting off one of their drafts and transforming it from one genre to another. Our winning entry is a poem / gothic campus narrative by Erin Emily Ann Vance and will be posted later today! For those of  you who are… Continue reading April / May Flash Contest Reveal

On Poetry: Line Breaks

In our most recent blog posts we’ve been talking a lot about our editing philosophies or editing advice for genre writing. Today, we’re going to take a more general look at poetic line breaks. All poems (except prose poems) have line breaks, but why? What do line breaks actually do? And how do you know… Continue reading On Poetry: Line Breaks