Bewitching. Feminist. Fairy Tales. Amy LeBlanc’s I know something you don’t know

Amy LeBlanc’s debut poetry collection I know something you don’t know is a short book with a long title available now for order through local bookstores or directly from the publisher (Gordon Hill Press) to be delivered to your door. We recommend you brew yourself a mug of tea (with milk, preferably) and tuck into… Continue reading Bewitching. Feminist. Fairy Tales. Amy LeBlanc’s I know something you don’t know

soundbite vol. 4 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! We know you're all eager to read the latest in our trio of themed antilang. issues—Abrupt Environments—but it's been even longer since you've had the chance to hear from us. So, we are very excited to present the long-await 4th volume of soundbite! This volume has everything we love about orality and performance. It… Continue reading soundbite vol. 4 is LIVE!

April / May Contest Winner: Erin Emily Ann Vance’s “Whiskers”

Between classes I haunted vault of the University of Calgary archives where I worked as a grad student. I lingered, always, by the first editions of Plath and Sexton. Like a good luck charm I’d run my finger along the tip of a badger's whisker that Ted Hughes taped into a hand-stitched chapbook shelved next… Continue reading April / May Contest Winner: Erin Emily Ann Vance’s “Whiskers”

Read antilang. no. 4: Succinct Speculations

Have you heard that we launched antilang. no. 4 - Succinct Speculations?! Check out all new writing from 20 contributors and let us know what you think! Inside you'll find hexes and shape-shifters, mermen and cyborgs, curses and extreme virtual reality, and much more.

soundbite Preview: “Medusa” by Avery Isbrucker

One of her three poems focused on Ancient Greek figures in soundbite vol. 3, Avery Isbrucker's "Medusa" will lure you in with alliteration and half-rhyme. Avery is a Gemini born in the year of the rat who finds astrology a little too poetic for her own good. She is a neurodivergent, queer Canadian woman living on… Continue reading soundbite Preview: “Medusa” by Avery Isbrucker

soundbite vol. 3 LIVE!

We know you've all been anxiously waiting for our latest installment of soundbite and here it is! Vol. 3 features work from all new contributors (we have not published any of them previously in either soundbite or antilang.). We also have a great mix of emerging writers and established authors, so be sure to listen to the… Continue reading soundbite vol. 3 LIVE!

soundbite Preview: “Restart the Universe” by Sarah Abernethy

"Restart the Universe" is one of two celestial-themed poems by Sarah Abernethy appearing in soundbite vol. 3. Get ready to hear her other piece when the issue launches later today! Sarah is a post-secondary student and staff writer for Affinity Magazine. Her work has been published by the Young Writers of Canada and the Toronto… Continue reading soundbite Preview: “Restart the Universe” by Sarah Abernethy

soundbite Preview: “Prickly” by Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson

Take a listen to the only international piece appearing in soundbite vol. 3! Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson (vocalist, rapper, poet) hosts 2nd Verse, Jazz & Poetry with a Purpose. She’s published in Pariah Anthology SFA Press (March 2016) and Sycorax’s Daughters (Cedar Groove Publishing, January 2017). You can listen to her other recordings on soundcloud.

On Poetry: Line Breaks

In our most recent blog posts we’ve been talking a lot about our editing philosophies or editing advice for genre writing. Today, we’re going to take a more general look at poetic line breaks. All poems (except prose poems) have line breaks, but why? What do line breaks actually do? And how do you know… Continue reading On Poetry: Line Breaks

antilang. Preview: Frances Boyle’s “Beam”

Frances Boyle's books are Light-carved Passages (poetry) and Tower (a novella). Her poems and short stories have appeared in literary magazines ranging from long-established to brand new projects. Visit Finish reading her poem "Beam" here (pages 16-17) and check out her other two poems, "Choler" and "Unrehearsed," also in antilang. no. 3!